Through personal stories and high energy, Jim will connect with your students and motivate them to be authentic leaders.


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“If I was a craftsman, that speech filled my tool box. I feel like I’m better equipped as a leader and as a person now.”
— Milledgeville HS Student, 2018


"Jim Love is an amazing speaker. He makes everyone feel like they’re talking to a friend. My favorite things, however, are the messages that Jim imparts. They are simple yet powerful and resonate long after his talk is done."

-Kristin Nickels, Staff Director, Illinois Leadership Seminars, Inc., 2018


"Our students respond to his message and they find him relatable and meaningful. His love of what he does is palpable and his devotion to spreading a message of self-acceptance and using your unique abilities to engage in the world really shine through!"

-Sarah Perkins Simmons, President, Wisconsin Leadership Seminars, Inc. (WILS)


Jim Love is 28 years old and was born and raised in the south side of Chicago. Jim attended Marquette University, graduated in 2013 with degrees in Corporate Communications and Marketing, and currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After years of exploring leadership development, Jim has decided to follow a calling and spread his message of authenticity and positivity. He has spoken to several thousand high school students across the country. Bad jokes and dance moves aside, Jim has a passion for leadership development and working with high school and college students. He will share his life experiences and connect with you on a personal and real level. As a lifelong stutterer, he understands what it takes to overcome obstacles and adversity and will motivate the crowd to take on their own obstacles in a real way. His message focuses on authentic leadership, self-love, gratitude and mental health.  Some say he “brings the party.”

Jim received his start when he was selected for the Illinois Leadership Seminars (ILS) in 2007. This organization is a 3 day seminar that takes one representative from hundreds of high schools around the state and unleashes their leadership potential. Through keynote talks, activities, panel discussions, etc. students are challenged to think differently and accept themselves as a leader. Jim has been on the staff of this organization for 11 years and has delivered his keynote to the seminar twice (2016 and 2018).

Moving forward, Jim will reach as many high school and college students around the nation as possible. There is only room to grow and he looks forward to spreading his ministry and letting students know that they can succeed. Jim is willing to work with any organization and will craft his message to ensure the goals are being met! To quote Samantha Olson, Director of Programming at ILS, “He is flexible in ensuring that his message fits your organization, mission, and objective.  He is incredibly respectful, enthusiastic and passionate in everything from planning to the delivery of his keynote.”

Jim can’t wait to work with you! Please contact for any speaking services needed.

Jim was featured on the "Time to Shine" podcast in July of 2018!

Check out this interview with Elizabeth Kay from 99.1 THE MIX in Milwaukee!

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